Photographic Workshop to Bhutan February 23rd – March 12th 2015

Our Photographic workshop to Bhutan continues into the fourth day as we head out of the Punakha Valley and up into the more mountainous terrain of the Gasa region. We travel through sub-tropical rainforest with magnificent rivers and waterfalls higher up through the sub-alpine regions of the Jigme-Dorji National Park. Up in this area of Bhutan the steep hills are a marvel to behold as traditional rice farmers have tilled the precarious terraces for countless generations, growing the special red rice that can survive in this colder alpine region. Our group gets plenty of opportunities for photographing the people and the landscape. Beautiful light follows us each day and the rising mist after a sub-zero night is just breathtaking. We eventually arrive in Gasa where our specialized trekking team have set up camp… and this is where we will spend the next two nights. At over 10,000 feet it will be cold at night as it’s the end of winter and the views all around are of the snow capped Eastern Himalaya’s. We get pampered with great food and very comfortable beds with everything we could wish for. Our visit in this mountainous region includes the visit to the beautiful and very historic Gasa Dzong. As very few tourists come up into this remote region, we have the area and the Dzong with all its resident monks to ourselves. They are getting ready for a rice festival and we have the  opportunity to photograph the monks preparing the food. For two nights and just before our three course dinner, the group heads down to the hot springs where boiling water mixes with the river water and we can plunge in with the locals and steam ourselves as long as we can stand it! It’s unusual to be the centre of attention as the huge wooden tubs are all full of local and visiting Bhutanese (usually very modest) who sit and laugh with our guides as they explain that yes, we (foreigners)  love hot mineral spa bathing too! Again we are over-whelmed at how friendly and peaceful the Bhutanese people are and how magnificent the country they live in presents itself through our lenses!  As I mentioned in my first post about this Workshop… Ewen is processing his images each day and loading them up so fast! He amazes me… I process differently to Ewen, but would still love to have his ability to complete tasks so quickly!! ( To see Ewen’s images go to: Instagram or visit the website as he will have this trip loaded soon! ) As I only seem to get  a few at a time completed… here is a few more images that I have been able to finish. All participants on this workshop are shooting loads of great images each day and we spend most evenings critiquing and helping those who don’t fall into bed photographically exhausted, to do some post-processing examples.





_ICR0580-18x25 copy



Waterfall-NP-BHU061-25x25 copy




_ICR0511-18x25 copy

_ICR0535-17x25 copy

_ICR1062-17x25 copy







Gasa-Dzong-Monks-Preparing-BHU0-20x40 copy




One comment on “Photographic Workshop to Bhutan February 23rd – March 12th 2015

  1. paul137 says:

    Love those landscapes. The light on the older man is striking and your ease with the locals is apparent. I recognise a couple of the group you are travelling with.

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