Photographic Workshop to Bhutan February 23rd – March 12th 2015

The photographic workshop that Ewen Bell and myself had decided to run in Bhutan this year filled to capacity without any trouble at all, and so eight participants from various parts of Australia and one from both Indonesia and England came together in Bangkok and we flew into Paro to start our “Wild Bhutan” adventure. Our initial travels took us from the capital Thimphu up over the Dochela pass with magnificent views across the Eastern Himalaya’s. I had already glimpsed them from my window seat of the plane, touched with winter snow and they are a sight to behold. Our first part of the journey is to stay in the area around Punakha and take in the amazing winter festival held at the Punakha Dzong (Buddhist temple) Three days of riotous colour and twirling dancers, with the locals dressed up in their stunning dress is just beautiful. A lovely quiet people who never push or are loud in their behaviour is very touching. During this three days of observing and madly photographing all aspects of this wonderful event, we took the group to other intersting sights in the valley and made sure we always got some part of the festival each day of our stay here. After this, we move on upwards in to the real wild part of Bhutan, which incidentally is 60 percent protected forests and National park, home to Snow Leopards, monkeys, Tarkins, Eagles, Vultures, Owls, numerous other colourful birds, tigers and common Leopards. I will post more images of our adventure into this lovely region soon…. But running a workshop does not give you much spare time and I process images a lot slower than Ewen!!…check out his wonderful images on Instagram  The images below are just a few of the many I have shot here…enjoy!

Eastern-Himalayas-BHU001-16x24 copy

Dancer-Punakha-Dzong-BHU028-17x24 copy

Dancer-Punakha-Dzong-BHU029-18x26 copy

Dancer-Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU019-17x25 copy

Dochela-Pass-Chorten-BHU012-16x24 copy

Girl-Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU045-17x25 copy

Girl-with-Puppy-Punakha-BHU008-17x25 copy

Monk-Gasa-Dzong-BHU058-17x25 copy

Punakha-Dawn-BHU038-14x20 copy

Punakha-Dzong-BHU002-16x24 copy

Punakha-Dzong-BHU003-15x30 copy

Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU023-11x17 copy

Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU043-17x25 copy

Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU048-14x26 copy

Sunstar-Punakha-Dzong-BHU013-16x24 copy

Sunstar-Punakha-Dzong-Festival-BHU017-17x25 copy

3 comments on “Photographic Workshop to Bhutan February 23rd – March 12th 2015

  1. lindaherd says:

    A great set of images Ian! Bhutan is definitely on my list of places to visit.

    • Thank you Linda… Ewen and I will plan another trip in the next couple of years for sure… its an amazing place and well worth a visit. We have an updated itinerary and it works a treat in the winter months.

  2. paul137 says:

    Thank you or posting these images. They are fabulous to see. The energy and colour of the performers is striking. Looks like you chose a great time of year to be there.

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