Chasing the Light in Dorset England – May 2015

The famous words “Oh to be in England now that May is here” keeps ringing in my head every-time I head out to capture the wonderful spring light that sweeps across the countryside here in Dorset. I have visited some of my favourite haunts again and some new ones. The banks of the Stour river are always wonderful and so is the coastline. Here are just a few examples I have captured in the past week and it was an added bonus to still see some bluebells out in bloom as they are usually gone by the end of April. It’s all about the light and I am chasing it again with fervour.

Stour-River-P-E0-18x25 copy

Stour-River-Light-E0-18x25 copy

Frome-Meadows-Sunburst-E0-18x25 copy

Creech-Forest-Sunburst-E0-18x25 copy

Swanage-Dusk-E0-17x25 copy

Bluebells-at-Creech-E0-21x25 copy

Bluebells-at-Dusk-E0-22x25 copy

Creech-Manor-view-E0-15x35 copy

East-Creech-Lightscape-E0-17x25 copy

Storm-Clouds-Kimmeridge-E0-17x25 copy

Stour-River-Sunburst-E0-17x25 copy

Sunstar-Creech-Rural-E0-17x25 copy

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