Vacation time with my Grandchildren – Dorset England May 2015

I am having a few weeks vacation time with family down in Dorset England, but you never really put the camera away, even when you go out on a picnic! I have reached for my camera on a few occasions and photographed both of my Grandchildren as they relax and play and find delight in the spring weather and what if offers. My Grand-daughter Molly in particular, takes absolute delight in the spring blooms and runs into a field of them every time an opportunity arises. My favourite was today, when she saw a field of buttercups, some as nearly high as herself… naturally I got my camera out and snapped a few as she picked them and squealed with sheer joy as she ran in amongst them. I don’t do portraits often and high key work even less! but these shots were so good I found this kind of treatment to be the best way to finish them.



Molly-May-2015-023 Molly-May2015-05


2 comments on “Vacation time with my Grandchildren – Dorset England May 2015

  1. rogersfotos says:

    lovely photos of a special time Ian
    Jenny V

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