Chasing Bluebells and Spring-time Light in Dorset England May 2015

The past few days have been ones of incredible Light and beauty. Dorset is a magnificent green area of rolling hills and gorgeous scenery at the best of times, but when the light is right it really is spectacular. I spent a very early morning just after dawn near a village called Stokeford and after trudging through dewy long grass and over a few fences I found a place I had discovered before. A somewhat derelict fence-line with snarled old trees and shadowed grass with bluebells. I got there so early I woke up a flock of sheep on the other side of the fence! A couple of days later we all headed up to a magnificent area right on the border with Devon, a place known as Lewesdon hill. The national trust own the land and its a wonderful place for bluebells in spring and also for its Autumn colours.(That will have to be another time) It also happens to be the highest spot in Dorset, at a touch over 945 feet you can see the coast of Devon seven miles away. We had a lovely few hours here and used the opportunity to not only photograph the landscape, but shoot a few frames of the grandchildren. To finish the day with a colourful flourish, there was an incredible dusk on the Wareham quay! Just perfect.







Bluebells-Stokeford-Dawn-E01004-17x25 copy

Dawn-Light-Stokeford-E01015-17x25 copy

Early-light-Stokeford-E01002-20x25 copy

First-Light-Stokeford-E01003-20x25 copy

First-Light-Stokeford-E01018-17x25 copy




6 comments on “Chasing Bluebells and Spring-time Light in Dorset England May 2015

  1. Diane Bell says:

    Gorgeous as usual. Molly is super cute!

  2. Maureen says:

    Lovely shots.

  3. Carmel Lanigan says:

    Spectacular photos Ian some beautiful lighting

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