Norfolk Island Photographic Workshop August 14th – 23rd 2015

Just back from another very successful Norfolk Island photographic workshop. I had a lovely bunch of participants, who got on so well with each other and maybe its because there were 8 ladies and only one guy!! who knows… but we had a fantastic week with the weather turning on its charm once again. It rained at night or early in the morning, leaving everything damp and fresh. Fluffy white clouds billowed past us on their way through the South Pacific ocean and nearly every single morning gave us all a delightful display of colours in the sky. I usually get lovely feedback from my workshops, but one particular lady who is relatively new to photography expressed it this way….   Hi Ian, Thank you for a wonderful photographic opportunity. It was a great 8 days in delightful company and Norfolk Island is even more beautiful than I had imagined. Thanks to your knowledge of the Island we were able to experience everything in the best light available and, as you have taught us, light is everything. The tour exceeded my expectations and your ability as a teacher meant that I feel my knowledge as a photographer has improved immensely. Certainly I can see the difference between the photos taken on the first day and the images on the last day. Looking forward to having the opportunity to tour with you again and you will certainly receive a most positive endorsement from me.   Cheers Wendy.  What a great endorsement: and I always appreciate the fact and I also get real satisfaction that my participants receive something of real value out of these workshops… I will be running another one here again in late August 2016… If you haven’t been, then perhaps it’s time to join me here on this magical South Pacific Island.

Low-Tide-Cresswell-Bay-NI0482-18x25 copy

Headstone-Point-Evening-Light-NI0504-18x25 copy

Old-Lighter-Boat-NI0496-18x25 copy

Alysium-Blooms-Cemetery-Bay-NI0498-18x25 copy

Alysium-Blooms-Cemetery-Bay-NI0497-17x25 copy

Anson-Bay-clouds-NI0479-18x25 copy

Anson-Bay-Dusk-NI0483-17x25 copy

Anson-Bay-Sunset-NI0485-17x25 copy

Beefsteak-Road-Sunstar-NI0507-17x25 copy

Cemetery-Bay-Dawn-NI0494-17x25 copy

Duncombe-Bay-Rainbow-NI0489-20x25 copy

Kingston-Dawn-Rainbow-NI0502-18x45 copy

Light-on-Pines-NI0497-17x25 copy

Lighter-Boat-Dawn-NI0506-18x25 copy

Norfolk-Pines-Sunstar-NI0486-17x25 copy

Rainbow-Kingston-Wharf-NI0501-16x25 copy

Seaweed-Gardens-Duncombe-Bay-NI0490-23x40 copy

Sunset-over-Runway-NI0505-18x45 copy

The-Chord-NI0487-20x45 copy

The-Chord-NI0492-17x25 copy


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