Flinders Ranges and Outback South Australia Photographic Workshop September 2015

Just returned from an absolutely wonderful photographic workshop that I conducted alongside my good friend Ewen Bell, in the springtime of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. We had with us a lovely bunch of folk who just loved the guidance and tuition, the dawn flights, the starry skies and Milky way at night, the wildflowers, the colours of dawn and dusk, the historic shearing sheds, the magnificent scenery, the sand-dunes, the river-beds, the gums, the rare yellow-footed wallabies, the stunning food, the comfortable lodgings and each other! As Ewen has so eloquently put it “Hard to believe that all these images were taken over the space of four days. I’ve been shooting the Flinders Ranges for many years, and some of the locals have been at me to run a photo tour here all that time. So finally I did. With the help of Ian Rolfe we gathered a group of eager photographers and put together one of the best photography workshops ever. Nothing fancy, just stunning sunsets, sunrises and magnificent scenery. Big thanks to the folks in Parachilna for making this trip so wonderful”. To see some of Ewen’s beautiful imagery and observations, just follow this link: http://photographyfortravellers.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4de2ad4c9802553aa23e939d3&id=d36670c4ef&e=490262018d

A huge thank-you to our lovely hosts Ross and Jane Fargher at the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna. A taste of the Outback and an unforgettabel experience.  The feedback and testimonials of our lovely group only reinforces our view that this is a unique and wonderful opportunity for all photographers. Ewen and myself are running another Flinders Ranges workshop in September 2017 and three people have already booked! email Ewen or myself to register your interest. PDF available soon to download. Here are some of the observations and comments by those who have just returned with us from the remarkable workshop.

“What a fantastic week I had with Ian and Ewen observing and learning from such great photographers. When you become so relaxed with these notable and reputable guys and they feel like your friends, it means that they are doing a superb job. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and energy is infectious and if you don’t come away a better photographer after spending time with them you never will. I can still hear Ian’s whoooooooo… echoing from the other side of a gully or hill when the light and views come together and can’t help but smile. Ewen’s grabbing me on a creek bed for a unique one on one session to share his special photography recipe will stay with me forever. These guys have a wealth of talent and their love of the craft and super organization of their workshops will leave you inspired to want more of what they have to offer. My bucket lists have just grown…..thank you so much for the experience and will be back for more!” Thanks again Ian and we’ll catch up soon I’m sure! Kindest regards,  Bruce 

Hi Ian,  I would like to thank you for organizing such a great trip to the Flinders Ranges last week. It was well up to the high standard of the other trips I was lucky to be on. You must have spent a lot of time organizing the top accommodation, which was really a surprise at Parachilna, absolutely miles from anywhere. The early morning starts gave us some superb photos including the flight over Wilpena Pound which was pure magic. The trips to the Sheep station and the Cattle station must have taken time to organize and would not be available to other tourists. The breakfast out in the Gorge and the super Dinner at the Wool Shed were fantastic. I am certainly going to have a great time processing my photos and the proudly showing them off to my friends. Without your expert help in composition, exposure etc. they would not be as good. I will also be telling my friends at the Photographic club to check your Website and go on your future tours. Regards,  Geoff 

Hi Ian, just a short note of thanks to both you and Ewen, having just done your photography master class in the Flinders Ranges again I found this workshop to be what I have come to expect from you the level of tuition given, the sites chosen for photography, the accommodation and food supplied were superb. Both you and Ewen should be proud of the outcome the time and effort you both must have put into this workshop to me showed your dedication in providing a quality product at a realistic price I have no hesitation in recommending your workshops to other novices and club members and I look forward to my future workshops with you   Kindest regards,  Graeme 

Congratulations: Ian and Ewen, on a very successful workshop of the Flinders Ranges. I learned a lot from both of you and know I will be busy over the next few days recalling what I have learnt and trying to put it into practice. I have developed a repertoire of new approaches and reinforcement of some I knew but had almost forgotten. The Photography – Locations – Both places were superb; I’ll never forget flying over Wilpena Pound, wandering along that path that lead to the homestead, being astounded by the green and red colours of the southern ranges. The northern ranges were just what I expected re white tree trunks, red gorges and distant mountains. BUT seeing them bathed in the dawn and dusk light was something altogether beyond what I imagined. At home I am reluctant to go wandering by myself at these times of day so to be shooting at these magical times (with lots of advice and encouragement) made it even more special, if that is possible. The Accommodation:  Wilpena Pound: Good to have almost two bedrooms of a sort, worked very well for us and it was good that I could go out by myself given I couldn’t keep up with the group and I just loved being situated right in the middle of the national park. The dawn flight was superb and I admit to not taking as many photos as I should have, but sometimes I love seeing things without a view-finder in front of me. Heresy to some but that’s my choice and it was respected. Parachilna: What a treasure….LOVED everything about it; our hotel, our hosts, the food, the picnic breakfast at sunrise after chasing yellow footed rock wallabies, the gorges, the trees, EVERYTHING. I had the most wonderful time and I haven’t stopped raving since I came home. Thank you so very much for creating such a superb experience. Cheers, Diane 














































3 comments on “Flinders Ranges and Outback South Australia Photographic Workshop September 2015

  1. lindaherd says:

    Ian, great to see your photos from what sounds like an amazing workshop! I was so sorry to miss this one but I look forward to joining you next time in The Flinders Ranges and to catching up on another workshop soon. Linda H

  2. Merilyn Stephan says:

    Hi when you have more details let me know please. Cost accom flight itinerary approx. cheers

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