Chasing Waterfalls September 23rd 2016

I decided to head out for a really full day of shooting waterfalls as Victoria has experienced a very wet late winter and early spring and there is flooding in many parts of the rural areas. Spring is always great time to photograph waterfalls, as all the creeks and rivers have risen and started to fall again, which means plenty of water, but not flooded to their maximum. My plan was to include at least 3 waterfalls that I had not really photographed properly before and they included Turpin falls just north of Kyneton, Trentham falls and finally Sailors falls just south of Daylesford. It made a good circuit for the day without back-tracking… the tracks at each spot were slippery and very wet but I managed to get down to the bottom of all three falls and create some really good images, even battling excessive water spray and wind. It was a long day, what with the continuous wiping of my lenses and then trekking down to each waterfall and back up again…and so was quite glad to get home and spend a few hours in front of the computer working on them, I can tell you! I have posted a small selection of these images that I have completed, below.



4 comments on “Chasing Waterfalls September 23rd 2016

  1. Denise Sammons says:

    Awesome….well worth your trip…well done..

  2. Rosalie says:

    Fantastic photos. Thanks for the pleasure of being able to travel by armchair!!


    Rosalie Jones (KPS Member)

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