Photographic Workshop to Nepal and the Annapurna region in Mustang. September 26th to October 15th 2016

We have just completed a totally amazing workshop in Nepal, including the Kathmandu Valley and the Annapurna region in the mountainous area of Mustang. My sincere thanks to all the participants and also to the incredible organisational skills of Ewen. Our ground team in Nepal were superb as usual and our special thanks to all the guides and drivers we used. This trip was adventurous to say the least, as we had to take the road trip up into the mountains from Pokhara due to lingering monsoonal rain and mist that cancelled many flights. This is a bus trip of about two days, through the most incredible mountain passes and rough sections of track. The wet weather added to the general chaos and our vehicle got stuck quite a few times and had to be dragged across a raging river by excavator as well. The mountains were awesome as expected, and although I have seem them before up here in the high Annapurna region, they still inspire and are a marvel to see. I have attached a small selection of images taken during the workshop and for those who are interested, Ewen and myself are running another adventurous Nepal photographic workshop in late 2018. Bookings can be made through



2 comments on “Photographic Workshop to Nepal and the Annapurna region in Mustang. September 26th to October 15th 2016

  1. Denise Sammons says:

    Awesome pics as always…thanks for sharing them…well done..

  2. Thanks Denise for your thoughts!!
    glad you like them regards Ian

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