Winter days of Contentment – King Island Sojourn… July 15th to 18th 2014

Spent three days last week on King Island and shared some of my favourite locations with my good friend  and often-times workshop partner Ewen Bell, exploring new ideas and places that fit in nicely with photographic lessons. Winter was in its absolute glory! The roaring forties battered the West Coast during our stay and the wind whirled and hammered during the night. The rain fell in bucketfuls and eased off just when we needed it to…. Green as green and lush landscapes greeted us each day. The cows were fat and wanted to greet us at every stop. That 40 south degree winter  light was often just wonderful for landscape images and the coastlines were particularly spectacular. Ewen is keen to working the Island into his visually stunning Food Photography Workshops and we had discussions with Island Operators while there. Winter down here on the Bass Strait Islands is totally amazing and the bursts of low level sunshine and beautiful light just made it all the more perfect!King-Medley

King Island Photographic Workshop November 29th – December 1st 2013

Due to popular demand and extra bookings, I decided to run a second late spring photographic workshop last weekend on King Island, taking advantage of the fine weather and coastal bloom of flowers that appear at this time of the year. Everyone enjoyed the great locations both around the lagoons and along the various coastlines. The weather remained fine enough to visit the penguin colony at dusk and get some images of the little darlings waddling home with bellies full of fish. Great company and lots of delicious food completed the wonderful weekend of photography. I actually stayed on a few days more and took advantage of the Spring blooms, especially at my secret spot. The flowers here are exceptional, given that it’s a shearwater colony and their droppings fertilize the karkalla or Carpobrotus rossii. Hard to get to and a bit of a trek as its out of the way and not near any roads, plus its a tiger snake haven and you also need to go at low tide to negotiate the huge boulders!  I spent considerable time here and took advantage of the sunny weather which opens the flowers up fully and makes for a magnificent scene in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Badgers-Box-KI0662-20x30 copy

Blow-Creek-KI0731-18x24 copy

Seal-Rocks-KI0647-20x30 copy

Yarra-Creek-Road-KI0702-16x24 copy

West-Coast-Wave-Cataraqui-Wreck-Site-KI0715-11x17 copy

View-to-Pearshape-Lagoon-KI0643-20x30 copy

The-Kelper-KI0661-20x30 copy

The-Garden-of-the-Island-KI0713-24x30 copy


Summer-at-Lake-Flanagan-KI0723-16x24 copy

Stokes-Point-KI0663-14x20 copy

Lake-Flanagan-KI0665-20x30 copy

Meleleuca-Stand-Grassy-KI0717-20x30 copy

Naracoopa-Pier-Stormlight-KI0701-20x30 copy

Sea-Elephant-Bay-KI0729-16x24 copy

Seal-Rocks-Coastline-KI0649-20x30 copy

Boathouse-View-Currie-Harbour-KI0641-16x24 copy

Bob's-Lagoon-Yambacoona-KI0714-16x24 copy

Chain-of-Lagoons-KI0664-16x24 copy

City-0f-Melbourne-Bay-KI0700-18x24 copy

Coastline-at-the-Wall-KI0709-16x20 copy

Coastline-at-the-Wall-KI0710-20x30 copy

Coastline-Near-the-Wall-KI0719-16x24 copy


Disappointment-Bay-Reflections-KI0656-20x30 copy

Flooded-Mine-Morning-Light-KI0624-16x20 copy

Disappointment-Bay-Wetland-KI0639-16x24 copy

Disappointment-Bay-Spring-KI0706-16x24 copy

Disappointment-Bay-Spring-Flowers-KI0657-20x30 copy


Photographic Workshop to King Island 15th-18th March 2013


I have recently returned from a four day workshop on King Island with 21 participants. Two from country Benalla and nineteen from the Rosanna Camera Club. What a great weekend we had together and never a dull moment. It was lovely to see such a large group all working together and appreciating the great outdoors that only a place like king Island can provide with such amazing and changeable weather. I am sure everyone benefited greatly from the workshop judging by the comments made and came away feeling positive and with memory cards full of great images!



Wickham-Light-and-Storm-KI0572-14x20 copy

Sea-Elephant-Bay-Crepuscular-Rays-KI0568-11x17 copy

Naracoopa-Wharf-View-KI0562-11x17 copy

Naracoopa-Light Low-Tide02 Low-Tide01 Kelp-Harvester-KI0576-11x17 copy

Disappointment-Bay-KI0565-18x20 copy



Coastline-Half-Moon-Bay-KI0577-16x20 copy



Approaching-Storm-Victoria-Cove-KI0573-16x20 copy

Appraoching-Storm-Wickham-Cove-KI0580-18x30 copy