King Island January 2011 visit

Last week saw me return to King Island for a few days to look at some new locations for upcoming workshops i want to conduct here on the Island in 2011. I found some amazing coastal scenery which I will not share with you on this blog just yet. I want to show those who attend my workshops and be amazed at the new photographic sites.  The local council has just put in a new gravel road to a bay that up until recently was a sandy 4WD track at best known to a few local and overseas surfies. Undoubtably many visitors to the Island will have seen this spot but when you have a three day intensive workshop you don’t get much time to set out on foot for hours at a time, so consequently I have not taken any photographers there before. I spent some considerable time in and around Cape Wickham and trudged over to Victoria cove…..the six images on this new post are all from the Cape Wickham and Victoria Cove area.

This area is an incredibly beautiful spot and I hope to get here one night and time expose the beam from the lighthouse and the pounding water….

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