Otway Ranges and the Shipwreck Coast

A friend of mine from London arrived in Melbourne for his first visit to Australia last week. Among the many places my friend  Hank wanted to visit…..the Twelve Apostles was near the top of his list. It seems every tourist wants to go there! (Well it is Good, even though we Victorians are slightly biased!!! ) I naturally agreed to take him down on a two day visit ( a chance for more wonderful images!!! ) which would include a round trip to see some of the magnificent rainforest and waterfalls of the Otway Ranges. We spent some time in and around the Hopetoun falls area and included Triplet falls in this visit as well. The weather was cloudy, thick near the coast and I thought it might be a dull time near the sea when we arrived there in the afternoon. I mentioned to Hank that sometimes the weather lifts just before dusk and that it would be worth the wait……we waited and waited…..fingers crossed, but the cloud was thick and almost gloomy and so very reluctantly I  was just about going to give up ( Even the most ardent Landscape Photographers pack up if there is no light)….
Then literally about fifteen minutes before dusk, the clouds parted!  A blast of the most incredible light shone through a hole in the heavy cloud as it hit the limestone cliffs and swept around the sea-stacks! Needless to say I went almost completely ballistic as I fired off frame after frame, running between vantage points to capture as much as I could!

The wonderful light lasted about eight minutes and the gloom came back…. but those eight minutes were unbelievable in their light and luminosity!
The next morning we caught the first of the morning light in and around Loch-Ard gorge and the view further to the West. Again the light was magical and the clouds continued to disperse so we continued our way along the Great Ocean road with stops at Apollo Bay Lorne and Aireys Inlet. the Spit Point Lighthouse looked great in the full light of the Summer Blue skies…..This journey is so good a landscape photographer should almost put it on his or her yearly to do list!

One comment on “Otway Ranges and the Shipwreck Coast

  1. RedHillGal says:

    Absolutely beautiful; I adore the light in the Apostles one (fourth down, I think and the tree lined road with the valley slipping off to the right. Just as well we are going on a trip so I can pick up a few pointers!!!

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