Mount Buller and Mansfield district Weekend Workshop

I was invited by the Knox Photographic Society up to Mount Buller for three days last weekend to give lectures and lead practical field excursions on the mountain. Over thirty attended and we had a wonderful time together, with the wet weather on saturday night hardly putting a dent in the enthusiasm shared by all.  I am sure all of those who attended the workshop will come home with some amazing images and the photo’s I have posted here will only give you an indication of the fantastic array of subject material that’s to be found up here in the high country of Victoria.

3 comments on “Mount Buller and Mansfield district Weekend Workshop

  1. Willie says:

    Ian,Gladyou are enjoying the shooting.A small suggestion if I may – People tend to move on quickly from a page when they have to scroll horizontally. When the layout are too big, even for a large screen it can be awfully distractingYour site would be easier to view if it wasn't necessary to scroll that way.Other than that, things look good.Keep enjoying the shoots!!Cheers.

  2. Abby says:

    I really like these photos of the High Country Ian, especially the road to Mt Buller (a road I know all too well).Looking forward to King IslandCheersAbby

  3. alfred99 says:

    Dear Ian,On behalf of the members of the Knox Photography Society who attended your landscape workshop and field excursions at Mt. Buller last weekend, we would like to extend our appreciation. Your lectures were well constructed and well delivered and covered all the topics that both our experienced and less experienced members wanted information on. We also appreciate your willingness to help and advise members on an individual basis especially in the field.We considered the weekend a great success.Our thanksAlfred ZommersPresident KPS

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