One on One Personal Workshop and Mentoring November 2020

I have recently been mentoring a very dedicated and talented person who wants to learn so much photographically about the Landscape and also Travel and building up to not only running workshops for himself, but having a successful photographic business altogether. Jose Gomez has almost completed a tertiary level photographic studies at RMIT and asked if I would mentor him as part of his studies. A requirement set out by the studies board and one I feel is really essential. Our final mentoring was a full day of practical instruction and shooting outdoors.
We set the day, a Sunday (yesterday) and the forecast was one I got excited about! Dramatic skies and wondrous clouds, heralding the approach of a significant change and storms. We headed out early and worked the coastline of Western-port bay and Bass Strait. Here on this post, are just a few of the images I shot while working with Jose on compositions and light.

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