Dorset – England 15th June 2013

Chasing Sunstars and Contre Jour… Last evening the clouds disappeared from the sky and a cold air mass in from the sea made the light quite hazy. I was initially quite disappointed when I drove up the Purbeck hills just behind Wareham to work my way over to Lulworth cove for some evening seascapes. I turned back and headed for an area I had marked out mentally a few days before as a potential dusk shoot. Here the light played its magic late in the evening, with sunstars just waiting to be captured. The backlighting is my favourite type of light and so I was very happy to work these scenes until the sun disappeared completely.

Grange-Heath-Sunstar-E0582-11x17 copy

View-to-Grange-Manor-E0581-11x17 copy

Grange-Heath-Backlighting-E0572-11x17 copy

Grange-Heath-Valley-E0569-11x17 copy

Grange-Heath-Waterway-E0568-11x17 copy

Grange-Heath-Backlight-E0567-11x17 copy

Grange-Heath-Forest-E0566-11x17 copy

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