Arctic Norway Photographic Workshop Adventure February – March 2020

Having recently returned from our Arctic Norway Photographic workshop adventure, and having to self-Isolate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have had ample time to sort through all my images and start processing them. This, along with so many other folders of images from recent trips, is really has become an ideal time to both cull, and sort properly, the vast collection of my photography. It will still be a very long slow process and the selection of uploaded images here is still a very small collection of what I shot during the workshop, so I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Our group on the adventure together were a wonderful bunch of people, and it was just so lovely having them with us to share these amazing sights together. Thank-you so much to every one of you, and Ewen Shellie and myself absolutely loved every minute!

If you would like to join us in a future Workshop to this totally amazing part of the world, please go online to download a PDF which will give you all the information you would need:

  Norway Photographic Workshop

Check out my new YouTube Channel:  Ian Rolfe Southern Lightscapes: and Subscribe.



Ian-Senja-Norway-Feb-2020-001Mefjordbotn-Aurora-03042020-Senja-Island-NOR-452 copySkogsfjordvatnet-Aurora-2020-Feb-Tromso-NOR-001 copyMefjordbotn-Aurora-03042020-Senja-Island-NOR-486 copy

4 comments on “Arctic Norway Photographic Workshop Adventure February – March 2020

  1. Steven Stephan says:

    Awesome Ian you are to be congratulated.

  2. Ann says:

    Fabulous photos of that beautiful scenery, Ian! Brought back good memories of a fantastic workshop. Thanks,

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