Mitchell River National Park and Croajingalong National Park January 2013

After planning to do some multi-day hikes with my younger son Jason in January, we left for the Mitchell River National Park last Wednesday early morning, despite the threat of hot weather and Bush-fires. After Parking the car up in the Northern Section of the Park, we had a quick lunch and loaded up our packs and headed off. The walk of course is beautiful. high escarpments on both sides with the mitchell river winding its way through South. Although its hot and the temperature is climbing into the mid thirties we make good time. Both of us are so glad that we are carrying over 5 litres of water, as its thirsty work walking the track as it winds its way up and down the right side of the valley. The river is low but still flowing nicely and I stop for a rest and the odd photograph. We make camp at Billy goat Bend and find that the water at the camp site should be boiled, so we hook up the stove and start making enough for the next day. Late afternoon sun is magic and the light sweeps across the valley in a golden arc. The next day we heap back North, another hot day and plans to head further East and spend time in the Croajingalong National Park. Cann River has a lovely rainforest Camping Ground so we set up here and do a rainforest walk nearby. The next day we have mapped out a walk that starts from Fisherman’s track about 40 kilometres into the National Park and winds its way 8 kilometres to the beach and then along the beach to Clinton rocks. Wildlife abounds with the spotting of at least 5 goanna’s with 2 of them over 1.2 metres in length. The beach on arrival is of course totally deserted and the aqua waters beckon us to undress, jump in and cool off. We spent all afternoon here and I photographed the amazing rock formations. Isolated and wonderful, this spot is typical of the great park that Croajingalong is. We headed home the next day as bushfire warnings were becoming more frequent and getting ever closer. Not a good idea to push your luck at this time of the year and its such thick wilderness.

Clinton-Rocks-CroajingalongNP-V0283-18x25 copy

Coastline-CroajingalongNP-V0291-16x20 copy

Clinton-Rocks-CroajingolongNP-V0282-16x20 copy


Mitchell-RiverNP-V0284-20x24 copy

Mitchell-RiverNP-V0285-16x24 copy

Mitchell-RiverNP-V0289-20x24 copySummer-Bloom-Clinton-Rocks-CroajingalongNP-V0292-16x20 copy Mitchell-RiverNP-V0294-14x20 copy

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