USA Photographic Tour- Idaho Washington Montana Wyoming Utah – September 2013

Glacier National Park sits high up in Montana next to the Canadian Border.  The Photographic Group spent a few days here exploring both sides of the park.  Of particular interest is the wonderful reflections on Lake McDonald, and were lucky enough with the weather in the afternoon. The Cedar Rainforest and Many Glacier sections were wonderful too. Whitefish River and the Whitefish Lake were of interest as well.  We tried to catch the Sunset over the lake but it fizzled out, so instead many in the group tried their hand at slow exposures with some interesting results.

Lake-McDonald-GlacierNP-MTN024-14x20 copy

Avalanche-Creek-GlacierNP-MTN025-14x20 copy

Saint-Mary-Lake-GlacierNP-MTN019-11x17 copy

McDonald-Creek-Rapids-GlacierNP-MTN051-14x20 copy

Cedar-Rainforest-GPN-MTN052-11x17 copy

Lake-McDonald-GlacierNP-MTN049-11x17 copy

Whitefish-Lake-Dusk-MTN050-11x17 copy

Whitefish-River-Walton-MTN026-12x30 copy

Avalanche-Creek-Cedar-Forest-GlacierNP-MTN020-11x17 copy

View-from-Kiowa-GlacierNP-MTN021-11x17 copy

Avalanche-Creek-GlacierNP-MTN022-11x17 copy

Lake-McDonald-GlacierNP-MTN014-11x17 copy

Whitefish-Lake-Dusk-MTN012-11x17 copy

Lake-McDonald-Reflections-GNP-MTN054-11x17 copy

Lake-McDonald-GlacierNP-MTN013-12x30 copy

Many-Glaciers-GNP-MTN053-12x30 copy

One comment on “USA Photographic Tour- Idaho Washington Montana Wyoming Utah – September 2013

  1. Redhillgal says:

    gorgeous photos, particularly love the reflections. looks like they were beautiful locations….or the camera lies!

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