USA Photographic Tour- Idaho Washington Montana Wyoming Utah – September 2013

The Tour continues its way down through Wyoming to the famous Yellowstone Park. This national wonder will need some days to fully do it justice photographically….and all the images here on this entry are from within the park. Prior arrangements have been made to stay at the Northern end for a few days and then move on to the Western side so the group can see most of the natural wonders on offer, and have time to photograph them. By day seven, although its all so spectacular, many in the group say they are almost geysered out! Some highlights include, the Mammoth springs area, Biscuit Basin, Old faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Upper and lower Falls, Tower Roosevelt, Midway Basin, Artists paint pots and Norris Geyser Basin. We also encountered a variety of animals and will be featured in the next entry of this blog.

Mammoth-Springs-Sunstar-YNP-WYM0144-14x20 copy

Norris-Basin-YNP-WYM0152-14x20 copy

Porcelain-Basin-Norris-YNP-WYM0145-14x20 copy

Porcelain-Basin-Norris-YNP-WYM0147-14x20 copy

Gibbon-Meadows-YNP-WYM0140-14x20 copy

Beauty-Pool-YNP-WYM0185-11x17 copy

Biscuit-Basin-YNP-WYM0186-11x17 copy

Biscuit-Basin-YNP-WYM0188-11x17 copy

Chromatic-Pool-YNP-WYM0160-20x24 copy

Gibbon-River-Reflections-YNP-WYM0139-11x17 copy

Gibbon-River-YNP-WYM0135-20x24 copy

Grand-Prismatic-Basin-YNP-WYM0162-11x17 copy

Grand-Prismatic-Pool-YNP-WYM0159-11x17 copy

Liberty-Pool-YNP-WYM0161-11x17 copy

Lower-Yellowstone-Falls-YNP-WYM0156-20x24 copy

Mammoth-Springs-YNP-WYM0136-11x17 copy

Mammoth-Springs-YNP-WYM0137-11x17 copy

Mammoth-Springs-YNP-WYM0150-11x17 copy

Midway-Geyser-Basin-YNP-WYM0163-11x17 copy

Midway-Geyser-Basin-YNP-WYM0175-16x20 copy

Morning-Glory-YNP-WYM0183-11x17 copy

Norris-Basin-YNP-WYM0138-11x17 copy

Norris-YNP-WYM0134-11x17 copy

Tower-Creek-YNP-WYM0142-16x20 copy

Tower-Creek-YNP-WYM0143-14x20 copy

Upper-Falls-YNP-WYM0179-11x17 copy

Viewing-at-Lower-Falls-YNP-WYM0190-16x30 copy

West-Thumb-Basin-YNP-WYM0184-11x17 copy

Yellowstone-Colours-YNP-WYM0181-11x17 copy

Yellowstone-Colours-YNP-WYM0189-11x17 copy

Yellowstone-River-Tower-Roosevelt-WYM0139-11x17 copy

Yellowstone-River-YNP-WYM0153-11x17 copy

Yellowstone-River-YNP-WYM0154-12x30 copy

Yellowstone-River-YNP-WYM0155-12x30 copy

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