Colorado – USA Autumn Colours September 23rd – 29th 2013

After seeing the Tour group off and left in the capable hands of Peter Walton at Salt Lake city Airport, we caught a flight to Denver Colorado. I had in mind to chase up the colours of the Aspens and Autumn colours especially in the beautiful area of Maroon Bells. This is a photographer’s mecca and the first snowfall of the season happened the day before we arrived. Maroon Lake is up around 10,000 feet and so you are almost guaranteed some snow when the weather changes. The morning was crisp and clear and getting there early was a bonus as Alpenglow appeared and shone across the Maroon Bells Range. Later that day there was no wind and so the reflections were perfect. We also spent some time around Independence pass, at 12100 feet it is simply wonderful. Telluride was our final destination and the San Juan Mountain range…. beautiful… and snow fell to make it even better.

View-towards-San-Miguel-CLD0109-11x17 copy

Vaile-Autumn-Colours-CLD0108-16x20 copy

Tulleride-Bridalveil-Falls-View-CLD035-20x30 copy

Towards-San-Juan-Range-CLD055-11x17 copy

Towards-Mount-Wilson-CLD062-11x17 copy

Telluride-Valley-View-CLD049-11x17 copy

Telluride-Pondage-CLD0107-16x20 copy

San-Juan-Range-First-Light-CLD099-14x20 copy

San-Juan-view-Telluride-CLD076-11x17 copy

Telluride-CLD048-11x17 copy

Telluride-CLD0112-11x17 copy

Telluride-Lagoon-CLD036-11x17 copy

Telluride-Pathway-CLD0106-16x20 copy

San-Juan-Range-CLD056-11x17 copy

San-Juan-Dawn-Autumn-CLD094-11x17 copy

Mountain-Village-Telluride-CLD042-11x17 copy

Mount-Sopris-CLD093-11x17 copy

Maroon-Lake-Reflections-CLD092-11x17 copy

Maroon-Creek-CLD069-11x17 copy

Maroon-Creek-CLD052-14x20 copy

Gunnison-Autumn-CLD067-11x17 copy

Highway-to-Durango-CLD088-11x17 copy

Maroon-Bells-CLD068-11x17 copy

Maroon-Bells-Dawn-CLD050-11x17 copy

Maroon-Bells-Reflections-CLD071-11x17 copy

Maroon-Bells-Reflections-CLD090-11x17 copy

Aspens-Telluride-Autumn-CLD082-11x17 copy

Autumn-near-Telluride-CLD057-11x17 copy

Bridalveil-Falls-Telluride-CLD084-11x17 copy

Castle-Creek-Ashcroft-CLD039-11x17 copy

Castle-Creek-Aspens-Fall-Colour-CLD038-11x17 copy

Cedar-Creek-CLD067-11x17 copy

Golden-Dawn-Maroon-Bells-CLD086-11x17 copy

Golden-Dawn-Maroon-Bells-CLD087-11x17 copy

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