USA Photographic Tour- Idaho Washington Montana Wyoming Utah – September 2013

Yellowstone National Park proved to be a winner with the group and after a week driving through and photographing this stunning area of Hot springs, mountain ranges, waterfalls and geysers we headed south to the next beautiful area which were the Grand Tetons. We based ourselves at coulter Bay for the first two nights before moving south again to have three nights in Jackson. It snowed as if on cue and the Tetons were covered in a fine white layer. Places visited included early morning starts at Oxbow Bend, the snake river overlook made famous by Ansel Adams, Mormon row and Jenny Lake. to stand at nearly 10,000 feet above sea-leval and look across a turquoise lake with fluffy white clouds above is truly memorable. The group voted the best spot in this area as being the reflections at String Lake….I personally find it hard to vote as everything is just stunning and magical.


String-Lake-TNP-WYM0167-11x17 copy

Snake-River-Overlook-WYM0193-20x24 copy

Rainbow-Snake-River-Overlook-WYM0191-20x24 copy

Oxbow-Bend-Dawn-TNP-WYM0171-11x17 copy

Oxbow-Bend-Dawn-TNP-WYM0169-11x17 copy

Mormon-Barn-TNP-WYM0173-11x17 copy

Misty-Light-Oxbow-Bend-GTNP-WYM0201-11x17 copy

First-Light-Oxbow-Bend-GTNP-WYM0199-11x17 copy

_DSC0375 copy

Oxbow-Bend-Panorama-TNP-WYM0165-12x60 copy


String-Lake-TNP-WYM0174-12x30 copy

_DSC0022 copy

_DSC0034 copy

_DSC0075 copy

_DSC0180 copy

_DSC0189 copy

_DSC0198 copy

_DSC0217 copy

_DSC0244 copy

_DSC0268 copy

_DSC0288 copy 2

_DSC0331 copy

_DSC0361 copy


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