Lofoten Norway and Iceland Workshops – February 15th to March 11th 2014

Continuing with our Lofoten workshop in the Arctic circle of Norway had the group capture stunning images every day we worked our way through the Landscape. Warmer the usual for this time of the year, we got rain instead of snow on the second last night and morning of our journey. The wonderful snow that we had melted away and therefore we were presented with some challenges not often sen up here in the depths of winter. It turned out okay for us after all, as bursts of light came through the gloom and all of us were able to capture unusual and intriguing photographs of the coastlines and landscape. We left Lofoten, flew down to Bergen and spent a couple of days enjoying the city sights with a great side trip to some Fjords and Mountains…before flying out to our second destination… Iceland.



_DSC6980_1_2_tonemapped-16x24 copy

_DSC6137_8_tonemapped-18x25 copy

_DSC8272_3_4_tonemapped-16x24 copy

Untitled10-14x36 copy

Untitled_44-12x35 copy



_DSC4431-16x24 copy

_DSC4446-16x26 copy

NOR01-16x24 copy

_DSC7770-16x24 copy

_DSC7577-16x24 copy

_DSC7323-16x24 copy

_DSC7184-16x24 copy


Untitled_09333-25x25 copy

Iceland greeted us with sunshine the first day. Not bad for winter. In fact Ewen Bell and Myself had done a considerable amount of research for both the Arctic circle in Norway and our second workshop straight after in Iceland…as to the best time photographically, and this coupled with the best weather. This time of year is the absolute ideal combination of stable weather conditions and magnificent stunning photography. Snow scenes abound and the light show from the heavens…especially at night when the Northern lights are at their best, proved that we had done our research properly. It pays to listen to other professional photographers and not just read guidebooks! Our first three days here are incredible… Northern lights at night, wonderful back-lighting during the day…almost on cue, when we want it…and ever-changing skies. We got a beautiful dusting of snow last night and crunching through this to capture images is just totally amazing.




Canyon-ICL0-25x25 copy



_DSC0549-16x24 copy

_DSC0316_7_tonemapped-16x24 copy

_DSC0370_1_tonemapped-16x24 copy

Clouds-25x25 copy

_DSC0119-16x24 copy

Untitled_Pa-25x25 copy

_DSC9060_1_tonemapped-16x24 copy

_DSC9089-17x20 copy

ICE001-25x25 copy


One comment on “Lofoten Norway and Iceland Workshops – February 15th to March 11th 2014

  1. Tony Harding says:

    Luv these Ian – Norway rocks

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