Photographic Judging at the 2015 Tyrendarra Show

I was asked to travel down to Portland and be the official Judge for the Photographic section of the Tyrendarra Agricultural show over the last weekend. Huge selection of local photography from the youngsters and upwards to the Adults… 15 sections to Judge in all,  and it went off extremely well. Had a great time with the local folks and they did me the honour of announcing my presence over the weekend. A big thank you to the hospitality and friendliness of all concerned.



The New and wonderful….  Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports and Wildlife Lens

Just picked up my New Sigma Lens 150-600 full-frame zoom this week and as I had the chance during the day of the show for some personal photography, I decided to try it out! Well, believe all the hype surrounding this lens! Its simply superb. I shot hand-held between 400-600mm for the shots below. I wound up the ISO to 800 on my Nikon D800 and just got into a good position and shot in CH mode, as the horses stated to jump. What a piece of glass!  It’s not light by any stretch of the imagination, but delivers the results. It’s going with me to the Shetland Island Workshop in July and will get a real work-out! ( and so will my arm)







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