Using my Favourite Printer April 4th 2015

My favourite printers have come through with the goods yet again… Landon and Stuart at S M L XL fine art print studio are so particular and fussy I just cannot bring myself to take my work anywhere else. As I sell my work only as limited edition prints and as an Archival product..I trust them to do this. I needed some special printing done last week for firstly: Some high quality prints to be entered into the AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photography Awards 2015 and Secondly: I have just restored a particularly fine piece of history dating back to about 1910. It was a small postcard print and had faded and been scratched quite significantly. Stuart selected the papers to print with and so my monochrome images were printed with Canson Rag Photographique and the coloured prints were done with Ilford Galerie Gold fibre Silk.  What is so wonderful about using the lads here at the Print Bureau in Prahran, is their attention to things like always spot-checking your files, fixing where required and selecting the best paper for the job. They come highly recommended! Do yourself a favour and try them if you haven’t already…. Files can be uploaded from your computer. Visit their website for more information:



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