Arctic Norway Winter Adventure Photographic Workshop February 2018

Eight lucky participants shared the adventure with us in perhaps the most delightful arctic sunshine we have seen for a few years. The weather is usually quite stable up here in the these regions during mid-winter, changeable is the norm, but we were truly blessed with an abundance of sun and blue. Clear skies at night too, meant chasing the Aurora Borealis was a real treat, and as seen from the last post, there were many nights of truly spectacular shows. Starting our journey in Tromso, our group spent the first few days in the most wonderful spot we have used on this workshop before. We then slowly made our way south, spending a few nights on Senja Island and then on towards the Lofoten Islands. This workshop is one of Ewen’s and my favourites, and we consider ourselves quite the experts in our knowledge of this region during the winter months. There are a few places left still on the February 2020 workshop…but they are filling fast. This workshop books out early, so consider joining us on another arctic adventure…you will not be disappointed!  (check out the workshop page on my website to download a full PDF containing all the information for this amazing workshop) I have posted a few of the images taken during the 14 days we spent up here together with our group.


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